Fashfest 2016

Well Fashfest has been and gone.  It was a wonderful experience.  The models looked fantastic.  It was quite an experience to walk onto the runway as a designer.  The show looked fabulous.  I received a lot of fantastic comments during the break between the shows.  And several of the pieces have sold.  It was really great to have the support of another designer Elle Hopgood and my friend Flora Elliott.

What a fantastic night.



Fashfest and flowers

I thought I would share something I received today. One of my pieces is included in an article showing Fashfest’s links to flowers as Floriade is now on in Australia’s capital city Canberra

Getting ready for Fashfest

It is only two weeks to Fashfest in Canberra.  I still have pieces to make.  Due to the very wet winter I am having trouble getting bright clear prints on some of the fabrics.  I was hoping for some bright colours but knew because of the water conditions that the colours would be muted.  I’m sorry I didn’t dry leaves earlier in the year.  Whilst there is nothing drastically wrong the pieces the prints are not as clear as I would like.  Will try again next week.


Back of wool swing vest made with Australian wool

Back of wool swing vest made with Australian wool

A bit of this and a bit of that

I have been rather quiet but have been busy.  I have been making cushions with my hand dyed eco prints.  P1520074b P1520076b

Then from 12 August we were involved with a group of skiers from Lithuania.  They had come for the World Lithuanian Ski races that they had organised to be held the following weekend at Guthega. It was  a very busy week but lots of fun as we renewed friendships with several members of the group with whom we had gone to Antarctica two years ago.

I am also working on a small quilt as part of a a challenge by NSW Quilter’s Guild.  One has to use at least one hexagon the size provided to members by the guild.  As soon as I saw the challenge  I knew exactly what I wanted to make.  Took me a while to get to it.  I painted some fabric and  tried to do a sun print of several different sized hexagons.  A pity it is winter and the sun is not that hot but I did get part of a print and am happy with it. P1520095b


So I am now working on the background.  I just hope I have time to finish it on time.