I came home from summer school in Ballarat to find my husband had my copper ready for me to use.  I bought an old copper last year in Tasmania in an old wares place.  We bought it home and it needed careful looking over.  Finally it was decided that it would be safe to use but I needed a new element.  It took us a long time to find the appropriate element on the web.  But ouch!  It was very expensive.  So I put off buying it for a while.  Before Xmas I bit the bullet and ordered it and it was substantially cheaper than when we first looked.  So after Xmas my husband got to work on it and now my copper is ready and joining my outdoor kitchen.  I’m looking forward to using it next time I do some dyeing.


Getting ready for Fashfest

It is only two weeks to Fashfest in Canberra.  I still have pieces to make.  Due to the very wet winter I am having trouble getting bright clear prints on some of the fabrics.  I was hoping for some bright colours but knew because of the water conditions that the colours would be muted.  I’m sorry I didn’t dry leaves earlier in the year.  Whilst there is nothing drastically wrong the pieces the prints are not as clear as I would like.  Will try again next week.


Back of wool swing vest made with Australian wool

Back of wool swing vest made with Australian wool


I was very privileged to be part of the big fashion event in Cooma – Fashionation on 30 April.  The focus of the show was on wool.   The show was held in the Litchfield’s wool shed Cooma.  My first collection of eight pieces were all in wool and the second collection on wool silk blends.  It was a very intensive time leading up to the event and a long day on the day but I really enjoyed it.  Most of my pieces were dyed with local plants.  Many were eco printed.  Several were dyed using indigo using shibori techniques.  To see some of my pieces from the event click here.

I was very grateful to all the models, who were local girls and guys who were prepared to showcase my work.  Also a big thank you to my friend Flora who was always there to help and support me even though she was also extremely busy as a designer at the show showcasing her beautiful furs.  Read more about it in a write up by Leiden magazine.

Wool-section Wool-silk-blends

New year – new beginnings

I have been rather lax with this blog.  This year I have started the year with a bang in that  have been able to focus on studio time.  After Xmas I created the piece Adagio Etude –  the Lost City.  It is created entirely with pieces of eco dyed and printed fabrics.

It is a  collaged abstract landscape referencing the amazing rock structures of the Lost Cities on Savannah Way in the Northern Territory, Australia draws one in to reveal the eco prints of local Snowy Mountain native plant leaves as shadows and textures emerge from incorporation of the running stitch.  I really enjoyed the time sent stitching as it is a slow process yet so contemplative.


Learning to use PSE

This year started with a real bang and has not stopped.  The last 6 weeks I have been busy learning how to use Photoshop Elements.  I enrolled in an on line course with some trepidation.  The Pizieladies are running this course and it has proved to be invaluable.  All I need is time to practice, practice, practice.    I am learning so much and now I need to put it into practice.  Thank you Deb and Kris for such a great course.

New beginnings – 2015

2015 has rolled in with a bang.  I spent the first week at a scout camp near Wiseman’s Ferry.   I had great fun running a t-shirt dyeing activity for all camp participants.  Over 50 people dyed a t-shirt and several of the older girl also dyed a sarong.  Great fun was had by all.  It was quite an experience having everything ready for such a big group.  The results were fabulous.  They wore their t-shirts nearly everyday.  The youngest dyer was 5 years old.