Artist Statement

Through quilting I found my creative inner self. It has provided the means by which I can express my creativity. For years as a music teacher I taught students music through composition but felt inhibited to do the same. Quilting has freed me and has let loose my creativity and opened the way for me to explore creating art using textile medium.

I am now seeing everything through a different lens. Colour, shape, line, texture mesmerise me.  My work tends to be a response to nature, art, places, people, and experiences. I have always been drawn to art, and shapes and lines in nature.

I enjoy creating designs for functional items especially quilts for my grandchildren.  However, my passion is for

  • creating art using the textile medium and
  • dyeing  and designing fashion accessories and home decorating pieces  .

My textile art tends to fluctuate between pictorial and abstract. I find that the piece tends to dictate my approach and what I will use – commercial and/or dyed fabric and/or other fibres. I have two diverse approaches to my work – structured or spontaneous.

My dyeing moves between dyeing with local plants and indigo to working with procion and acid dyes, using a range of printing techniques and shibori.

I am also a very keen photographer and use my photographs as a source of inspiration and design.